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We provide a wide range of consulting services for owners and directors of small and medium enterprises. Help companies run and manage their business, as well as remind them of matters that need attention and provide advice from external business consultants. We find and solve the problem as early as possible. Help you understand the relevant rules and regulations of local businesses. Our office is located in Melbourne. We can provide the most professional services whether it is for immigration, study, business consulting, or other visas.

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We provide a one-stop immigrant visa service, understand the immigration system and procedures, and provide comprehensive and reliable immigration and visa services. Help you to immigrate easily.

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We provide a wide range of consulting services for owners of small and medium enterprises. Assist companies to determine their business or management areas, provide assistance and understand relevant rules and regulations for local companies and cross-border companies.

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Know more about Australia

Australia’s diverse culture and lifestyle are the embodiment of its traditional philosophy of freedom and democracy. Australians are warm, friendly and humorous. Australians admire country activities, are keen on sports, and love beach life. Australia is one of the largest multicultural countries in the world, with people from more than 130 ethnic groups. In addition, Australia’s diversified arts, music and sports activities are also well-known in the world. The vast majority of Australians live in coastal areas. Australians enjoy high-quality leisure life, as well as Australia’s beautiful natural environment and clean air. Australia is considered to be one of the most suitable countries to live on earth.

The benefits of Hong Kong people immigrating to AustraliaWhat you can get
The benefits of Hong Kong people immigrating to Australia

Australia has six states: Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia. There are also two regions: the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory.
Capital: Canberra
Land area (square kilometers): 7.692 million
Official language: English
Population: 25.09 million
Currency: Australian Dollar
GDP per capita (USD): 57822
Real GDP growth rate: 2.0%
Inflation rate: 1.3%
Unemployment rate: 5.2%

Australia is a traditional immigration countryFree immigration
Australia is a traditional immigration country


High education standard

Higher education world ranking system ranks Australia eighth


Social security, welfare and citizenship

Australian residents enjoy a series of national health and medical security programs in public hospitals, as well as other social security and welfare measures, such as pensions, living security and disability assistance.


Thriving economy

According to the 2010 Economic Freedom Index report, Australia ranked third. Australia is the 13th largest economy in the world and has the fifth largest GDP per capita in the world ($66,984 Australian dollars)

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