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Australia Investment Immigration

There are several questions that people often ask about Australia investment immigration:

“How much money do I need to invest for applying for investment immigration?”  “What business is allowed to apply for investment immigration?”

In fact, many people have a misunderstanding about investment immigration. It is not the amount of money invested to determine whether they can emigrate, but the way to achieve the purpose of immigration.

As long as you own a certain amount of shares, the company reaches a certain turnover, and invests a certain amount of capital, the investment immigration can be successful. In addition, applicants need to meet some basic requirements to be eligible to apply for investment immigration, such as age, education, and English level etc..

This article will explain different types of investment immigration, and analyse the best, fastest methods to help you obtain your visa.


Australian investment immigration is an immigrant visa mainly for business owners, and the policy of not restricting industries is very popular with entrepreneurs. The purpose of Australia business immigration is to promote the country’s economic prosperity.

There are two main types of Australian business immigration:

  1. Business Innovation and Investment (provisional) visa (subclass 188);
  2. Business Talent (Permanent) visa (subclass 132).

Australian investment immigration

What it is

Subclass 188 – Business Innovation stream

Business Innovation Stream is a four-year temporary residence visa for business people who have a business background and are willing to start and manage a business in Australia.

This visa application requires the applicant to provide business experience, company audit accounts (turnover), and company and personal net worth. The investment amount is not high, and the investment business form is more flexible. Applicants who hold a visa to live in Australia and operate a business for two years can transfer to Business Innovation and Investment (permanent) visa (subclass 888) Business Innovation stream after meeting certain conditions.

Basic Requirements:

  • Score at least 65 on EOI
  • Have successful business or investment experience
  • For 2 out of 4 fiscal years immediately before you receive an invitation to apply, you must have had an ownership stake in 1 or 2 businesses that had at least AUD500,000 turnover in each of those 2 years
  • Sufficient personal and corporate assets
  • A minimum of 800,000 AUD, which is legal income, can be transferred to Australia within two years after visa approval
  • It can be a business that provides professional, technical and trading services, but the time spent on managing the business must exceed 50%
  • Have successful business management background, and participate in the daily management of the company
  • Have the true intention to operate and manage the enterprise in Australia
  • Age no more than 55 years old (if more than 55 years old, special application may be made according to specific circumstances)
  • Suitable for SMEs owners
  • The lowest requirements, the lowest investment amount, and the most applicants Investment Visa.


Subclass 188 – Investor Stream

Investor Stream is for applicants who wish to invest and maintain business activities in Australia. After 4 years of signing the visa, the applicant can become a permanent resident if he meets certain conditions.

Basic Requirements:

  • Score at least 65 on EOI
  • At least three years of investment management or business operation experience
  • Participate directly in the investment management of 1.5 million Australian dollars for at least one year in the last 5 years; or have 10% of the shares in the corresponding company
  • In the past two years, family assets should not be less than AUD2,250,000; legal income, can be transferred to Australia within two years after visa approval
  • Invest AUD1,500,000 in corresponding state government bonds and hold for four years
  • Have successful investment or business experience, and smart investment or business skills
  • Age no more than 55 years old (if more than 55 years old, special application may be made according to specific circumstances)
  • Suitable for people who have invested in real estate, stocks, gold etc. for many years
  • No need to do business after arriving in Australia

Subclass 188 – Significant Investor Stream

Significant Investor Stream is a four-year temporary residence visa for applicants who have certain financial strength and are willing to make a AUD5,000,000 compliant investment in Australia. After the visa is approved, the applicant has maintained a compliance investment of AUD5,000,000 for four years, and after meeting certain residence conditions, he/she can transfer to the Business Innovation and Investment (permanent) visa (subclass 888) Significant Investor stream.

Basic Requirements:

╴You can invest AUD5,000,000 in Australia, and can prove that it is a legal income
╴Get nominated by the corresponding state/territory government or Austrade CEO
╴The designated investment shall be made after the notification of the Immigration Bureau and shall last for at least 4 years
╴At least 5,000,000 Australian dollars in venture capital or start-up funds
╴At least AUD1,500,000 in managed funds that invest in small-cap stocks
╴At least 3,000,000 million Australian dollars in other types of managed funds

  • No scoring required; no age requirement; suitable for people with high net worth
  • Low residency requirements, only need to live in Australia for 40 days per year within four years


Business Talent (Permanent) visa (subclass 132)

Business Talent (Permanent) visa (subclass 132) is currently the only visa that can obtain permanent residency in one step among all business immigrants in Australia. It does not need to go through the scoring system, has no requirements for academic qualifications, has low requirements for English proficiency, and has no quantitative requirements for residence time. It is suitable for those entrepreneurs who have a successful business background and are interested in making larger investments in Australia.

Subclass 132 – Significant Business History stream

  • For applicants who intend to take up important leadership positions in a new or existing company in Australia.
  • Business and personal net worth reaches 1.5 million AUD;
  • For 2 out of 4 fiscal years immediately before you receive an invitation to apply, the annual business turnover reached AUD3,000,000;
  • For 2 out of 4 fiscal years immediately before the invitation has a business net asset of AUD400,000; or the business in which you own at least 10% of the shares is a listed company.

Subclass 132 – Venture Capital Entrepreneur stream

  • For applicants who have obtained at least AUD1,000,000 in investment funds from an Australian venture capital company.
  • Visa applicants need to sign a contract with an Australian venture capital company and obtain venture capital funds of not less than AUD1,000,000, and the funds are used in the early stage of establishing a business in Australia, commercializing Australian products, developing Australian business or expanding Australian business .
  • The Australian venture capital company signing the contract must be a member of AVCAL, and the nature of the member must be venture capital
  • Visa applicants must have a real and feasible plan to take substantial ownership of the Australian business, and participate in the business and daily management of the business.

EOI Score Sheet

NT Migrant Innovation Northern Territory Program

Migrant Innovation Northern Territory(MINT) program is an investment immigration project jointly initiated by Darwin Innovation Hub and Paspalis Asset Management and specially supported by the Northern Territory government. The plan was supported by the Northern Territory State Government and successfully contributed to the establishment of the first venture capital fund in the Northern Territory.

Advantages of MINT Program:

  • Express approved projects. The trial time is shortened to 2 weeks, different from the usual 2-3 months;
  • There are many job opportunities in the Northern Territory, and the development is strong;
  • Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory, is the closest Australian city to Asia, which is very suitable for import and export trade;
  • The number of recognized occupations is 250+, far more than the number of occupations recognized by Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) ;
  • You do not need to go to Australia to study, you can directly obtain the Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190), Skilled Regional (provisional) visa (subclass 489) or Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) .

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