South Australia Small Business Stream Visa

South Australia Small Business

South Australia Small Business Stream Visa

South Australia

Small Business Stream Visa


In early February 2021, the South Australian government launched a new policy for skilled immigration. Today TST Partners Group will focus on introducing one of its branches – South Australian small business immigration project.

The small business immigration program that launched in South Australia this fiscal year is one of the four branches of the Innovative Talent Program. All occupations on the Occupation list in South Australia are eligible to apply through the “Innovative Talent” program.


Prior to South Australia, small business immigrants from Queensland and Tasmania were a category under the 491 visa.

South Australia allows small business applicants to apply for 190 or 491! Although in comparison, the requirements for small businesses in South Australia are slightly higher, but if you can get 190 directly, it may be a time-saving and labor-saving immigration method. And there is currently no minimum investment capital requirement for small business immigrants in South Australia.

South Australia Small Business Visa Eligibility Criteria

  • Your business must be established in South Australia and operating in South Australia for the last 12 months and you must have resided in South Australia for at least the last 24 months

  • If you are an existing SISA visa holder you must have an established business in South Australia for the last 6 months and resided in South Australia continuously during this time

  • Your business must be able to give you a personal income that would meet the minimum taxable income requirement set by the Department of Home Affairs

  • Businesses aligning with the priority Growth State industry sectors, will be favoured

  • Businesses employing at least two employees (other than the applicant) on an ongoing full-time basis will be favoured

  • You must provide a business case (maximum 2 pages) with: 

    • evidence of thorough research into, and understanding of the relevant industry conditions in South Australia 
    • how the business will be innovative, contribute to South Australia’s economic growth and can support job creation for South Australians.  

    • how the applicant’s previous experience and qualifications will help the applicant successfully build their business in South Australia over at least 3 years 

  • Self employed applicants must apply through this stream

  • Only the business owner can apply through this stream. Business structures can include sole trader, partnership, company, and trusts

  • Franchise businesses are ineligible for this stream. 

This visa stream has a high residence requirements for applicants. It should be noted that South Australia small business immigrants need to submit EOI.


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